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It’s About Choice!

Lyndall Chandler

Pastor CHURCH4350

Do you experience moments when worry tries to creep up on you, grip your heart and throw you into panic? Thankfully, life doesn’t have to be like that. Peace of mind is God’s plan and He’s provided the way for that to be our reality. The question is how?

Everything around us tries to convince us to be full of worry, pushing us to work harder, do more. And, yes, diligence is necessary. But turning our heart over to the Lord and letting go of any anxiety is one of the ways we can avoid being held emotionally hostage by it.

In Luke 10 Jesus visits Mary and Martha to share some life-giving truth. Martha’s response is recorded in verse 40, But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. You might say, Wait a minute, Martha was doing a really good thing!

It’s about choice. When we don’t put other things above God (no matter how good they are) and give Him our worries (1Peter 5:7), God can move.

The devil uses good works to distract us from time with God. By seducing us with the good, he tricks us into neglecting the best. Jesus said Mary has chosen the most important thing (Luke 10:42). What was it? Listening to Jesus’s life-giving words. They will calm your soul and their peace will eradicate worry and anxiety.

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