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Whole in Christ

Phil Doecke (PhD)

On behalf of Toowoomba Christian Assembly, and Toowoomba Ministers Association

Did you know? Did you remember? How did you celebrate, or participate? Did you help someone with a disability? Do you have a disability? Do you realise we all have a disability? Is your disability recognised and understood? Thank God for a God who recognises our disabilities.

People in the Bible times recognised Jesus’ welcome and compassion – despite their disabilities. Shepherds – cheap labourers, lowest level of society. Tax collectors – greedy people, despised for collaborating with enemy occupiers. Physically, sensorily, intellectually impaired people – no social security in Palestine. Prostitutes – social misfits. They all found welcome, safety, compassion, comfort, hope at the feet of Jesus.

We all have a disabling condition – SIN. Thank God for a Saviour who recognises our disabilities – who willingly provides welcome, safety, compassion, comfort, hope – at his feet. Healing by the touch of his hands. Feet and hands that, on the cross one Friday years ago, were nailed, disfigured, disabled for us.

Isaiah 53: 5 He was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities. With his wounds we are healed. On the cross, Jesus Christ became disabled for us. That we may be made whole.

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