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What’s in your hand?

Pastor Lloyd Gill (Grace Community Church)

“We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish”. Jesus had just instructed the disciples to feed 5,000 people. They wanted them sent away so they could eat what was a meagre meal. The disciples were likely tired, hungry and needed some space. Our culture would say they needed to take care of themselves, Christ said they needed to feed 5,000 people first. Christ took what they had and performed a miracle, and fed the crowd.

If you claim to be a Christian this is a huge challenge, often God is going to ask of us beyond our capacity at the very time we don’t feel like it. The theme of ’what do you have in your hand’ runs through scripture, and this is all God asks of us. You don’t have to be able to solve the problem, just give what you have and God will make it more than enough.

Our challenge is both feeling inadequate and being selfish, both of these are blown away like chaff on the wind when we submit our will and resources to Christ and allow Him to do the work through us.

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