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We need unity

Nathan Glover (Emmanuel Lutheran Church)

Every person needs Jesus and after receiving Jesus into your life, every Christian person needs the love, help and support of each other. On Sunday 22 May 2022, our church held a combined service with two other churches on the theme, “Stronger together.” We worshipped with The Ministry of Reconciliation of Jesus Christ and Elohim Pentecost International Church. The worship was energetic. The messages pertinent. The fellowship was authentic. We came together to worship the same God and to declare to each other and the world, that we are one – together in Christ.

This principle is always at work – the devil sows division but the Holy Spirit brings unity. Think about the division created in families, schools, workplaces, governments, clubs and associations across the world. Division does not produce good outcomes but, rather, increases hurt and damage to individuals and communities. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit creates unity by bringing people together in Christ through baptism. Every person who has been baptised is in Christ and belongs to the same family – God’s family. On Sunday we learned what we already knew – that we are stronger together. We need each other’s gifts and talents. There is one God, one church, one Spirit, one body and we belong together.

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