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Unshakable - Daniel chapter 3.

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Andrew Feaveai

Toowoomba Central & Millmerran Seventh-Day Adventist Church

In August of 2000, a Russian submarine was sinking carrying 118 crewmen. Twenty-three of these men survived in an isolated chamber for several hours after an explosion. One of them was 27-year-old Lieutenant Captain Dmitry Kolesnikov, and he wrote a note to his wife while he waited to die. Two words from that note were displayed in a black frame next to his coffin at his funeral service. He wrote, “ Mustn’t despair”. When human beings experience the moment when they know they’re going to die, it’s almost instinctive that they want to send a message. When that final moment were to come, we’ll probably realise that all the things we’ve spent our lives chasing, success, reputation, security, wealth, comfort, ease, will probably mean nothing. What message will you want to leave behind? In the third chapter of the book of Daniel, that moment had arrived for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They had risen to positions of great status in the world’s most powerful nation; they could live comfortably the rest of their lives. All they had to do was to bow and worship the golden image, but because God is unshakable their decision was inevitable.

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