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Unity With Diversity

Steve Adams | Eastgate Bible Church

There’s nothing quite as compelling as a group of passionate people united around a common cause. Unity within the church is important - so important that the Apostle Paul names two ladies in his letter to the Philippians calling them to cease their disunity (Phil 4:2-3). Unity isn’t undermined by diversity of convictions on peripheral matters. In fact, the Scriptures expect this (Romans 14:5-9).

The Bible also calls Christians to live worthy of the calling in humility, patience, gentleness and bearing with one another (Ephesians 4:1-2). This includes when dealing with topics like Covid vaccines that the Bible not specifically address. Each Christian applies Biblical principles and may apply those principles differently. It is not OK for someone who is in favour of vaccination to accuse those who choose not to be vaccinated of being selfish or not loving their neighbour. Nor is it OK for someone who chooses not to be vaccinated to accuse those who get vaccinated of receiving the mark of the beast or not trusting God. We don’t have to agree on this, but we do need to bring honour and glory to Jesus as we seek to live worthy of the calling in unity.

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