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Rev. Barry Cunnington. C.E.O. Tent of Promise Inc.

The Bible tells us plainly that where Christians, whose faith is in Jesus Christ, are gathered together in unity, there The Lord commands a blessing. Jesus said the world would know that we are His disciples by our love for one another. The Gospel: The cross, is where we all meet, it is where we are all one in Him, it is where we have unity.

The Toowoomba Gospel Festival is happening this weekend, November 19-21, in Queens Park, & at various shopping precincts in the city. The participants are Christians who minister in praise and worship in their own churches or are gospel singers and musicians. The event is staged in two tents and include various styles and types of music. There are many Christians coming together from different cultures. God will love it! It glorifies Him in an open display of Christian unity.

In Queens Park you will find three main tents, one of which is the Tent of Promise, a guided walk-through Expo of The Gospel message, similar to the Pavilion of Promise at Expo ’88. Be sure to visit, you can expect a miracle! You are invited to come, the event is free, there are food vendors too. Find all the programme details at the ‘Toowoomba Gospel Festival” Facebook page.

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