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Tried & Tested Cure

Ps Steve Adams (Eastgate Bible Church)

It seems impossible to avoid conversations about covid-19. On any day, you’ll engage with an extremely diverse range of opinions. They’re tough conversations to navigate because there’s no consensus on either the diagnosis or the right response. It’s not my desire to add my unqualified opinions here. I’ll leave that to Karen on Facebook 😊

There is a virus with a 100% transmission rate, which also has a 100% effective cure. It’s been around since Adam. Having been created by God and blessed with every good thing, Adam chose to reject God’s right to be king and chose to rule his own life. That’s what the Bible calls sin. Can you imagine your own saying they don’t want you in their life? To turn from God who gives life and blessing leads to death and curse. That sounds a hopeless estate for everyone but the Bible says “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly (in our place).” Jesus didn’t come to give us what we deserve but what we don’t deserve. He’s still the giver of life and blessing

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