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Times in the Wilderness

Rev Tim Griggs – Lifeworks Uniting Church

This short and very quick passage in Mark 1:9-15 covers Jesus baptism in the Jordan River by John, before moving immediately into the wilderness for 40 days and nights. It parallels with many other Biblical passages and lends itself to so many questions. The time in the wilderness was a long way from the peace and comfort of Nazareth, and a stark contrast to the baptism experience in the Jordan.

Throughout Scriptures we see some contrasting passages between the ‘cities’ where people are comfortable, rely on themselves for everything, and often linked with selfish and power greedy people. On the flip side, the ‘wilderness’ is often portrayed in terms of struggle and suffering. I wonder if we shy away from struggle and suffering, rather than embracing what it can offer us in providing preparation, strength, new skills and opportunities, transformed lives and getting back to a reliance on God for everything we need. Albert Einstein once said, “in the middle of difficulties lies opportunities”.

If you are going through wilderness times (or when you do), see how you might come out the other side transformed and always remember that God is with you, providing all you need.

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