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The Names Our Parents Give Us

Dirk Willner

Living Grace Church Toowoomba

Have you ever looked at what your name means? More importantly, have you ever asked your parents why they decided on that particular name for you? I never got a clear answer on that from my mum. Could have been a reference to the famous actor of their era, Dirk Bogart. Could have been a reference to its designation as a Scottish ceremonial dagger. Guess in the end it’s just a name.

At the birth of Christ, they gave him the name Jesus, which means God saves. According to the old prophet Isaiah he was to become known as Immanuel, which means, God is with us. Names in those ancient days carried within them a deeper meaning and even foreshadowed a future fulfillment.

Perhaps today take a moment to reflect on what your name means to you. After all you hear it called out on a daily basis and sign important documents with it. For those with a Christian faith every time we speak out the name of Jesus we are reminding ourselves that God saves. Blessings to you.

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