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The Good Shepherd

Lyndall Chandler - Lead Pastor


In John 10:1-5 Jesus speaks of the strong bond between a shepherd and his sheep. Then in John 10:14 and 27 He says I am the Good Shepherd…My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Ever noticed sheep grazing, heads down, focused? Yet the moment the shepherd calls, they instantly recognise his voice and are attentive. What really blesses me is that sheep weren’t trained to do that. It’s in their DNA, their genetic code. God put it in them. They don’t have to try to. It’s just normal for them.

We can have the confidence, as the sheep of our Good Shepherd, that we can hear his voice, know him and follow him. Is that only possible after being a Christian for 50 years, been through Bible School? No…the moment we become His sheep.

The joy of finding Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is God putting something inside you like a GPS where you instantly have a connection with Him where you know God, can hear and follow Him. You are His sheep. It’s just normal for you.

Clearly God wants to be real to you, desires for you to know Him, hear His voice, follow Him. Have you become His sheep? Romans 10:9 shows you how.

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