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Tell me the story of Jesus.

G.A. Haase

Jesus opens the eyes within to see and appreciate the spiritual realities of the life He alone can give.

Jesus said, I have come that you might have life John 10v10. Being Spiritually blind, dead, lost and without hope is our unsaved condition.

When one hears the story of Jesus you are confronted with Gods view of things. God calls us back to Himself through Jesus. We hear the message of who Jesus is and all He has done to bring us home and we hear from the Scriptures of the great lengths the Heavenly Father went to in order to bring us back into a right relationship with Himself.

Your blindness leaves when you believe in Jesus.

You have never known such love before.

You opened your heart to the Lord Jesus and you now have life eternal, the free gift of God. You now have hope for your future and the present, knowing you have entered into His life that is the real life.

As many as received Him, He gave them the right to become children of God, to those believing in His name John 1v12.

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