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G.A. Haase (Christian Life Centre)

Jesus spoke many things in parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly, spiritual meaning. One such parable He gave concerned a farmer who sowed seed. Jesus then told the meaning of the story. He said, the seed is the Word of God being sown in four different kinds of soil which represents four kinds of hearers.

How we hear and respond to the Word of God determines our destiny and fruitful life. Some sadly, rejected the Word of the Kingdom and refused the offer of salvation. Others hear and are quick to respond with joy, but don’t go further. Things offend them, they fall away. Some others say yes then allow so many worldly distractions to hinder their life and progress, so they don’t produce much fruit. Others also hear the good Word of the Kingdom of God and allow the Word of God to produce in them an honest and good heart. They choose to be obedient to the good word of God and become fruitful.

Our attitude to Jesus Christ and His words determine everything, so much is gained or lost on this one factor. You can say yes to Jesus today.

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