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One Accord

Barry Cunnington (Tent of Promise)

One accord, meaning to be of one soul – one mind. Jesus Christ prayer “For the very glory you have given to me I have given them so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy” John 17:22 TPT emphasis added.

‘One accord’ comes from the Greek word ‘homothumadon’, which was first used in Acts 1:14. The setting is the upper room where the disciples and some women were united in prayer. Earlier strife and jealousies that had marred their relationships were gone. The disciples were as one waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit and what occurred marked their lives from that moment forward. They were waiting, devoting themselves to prayer in fellowship, in one accord, as like-minded believers.

When believers live and work ‘homothumadon’ with Christ our unifying head (Col 2:19), prayers are answered.

Could the reason for our own emptiness of experience as believers in Christ be our hesitancy to share ourselves with other believers and come in confident ‘one accord’ prayer to God? The early Church was a dynamic and powerful fellowship rooted in faith, hope and love, all of one mind and one accord.

The divine purpose of the unity of believers is not to please ourselves or other Christians, but to please the Lord and glorify Him.

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