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Not Invisible

Lyndall Chandler - Lead Pastor CHURCH4350

Ever felt invisible? Overlooked? Forgotten? Unnoticed? Lost in the crowd? It’s easy at times to feel as though you don’t exist and what you do doesn’t matter or count. In such times, it can seem that even God has forgotten all about you.

If that’s you today, let me encourage you that God does see you and He does hear you. In fact, I believe He even keeps a record of your faithfulness. He notices.

Why do I believe that? Because Mark 9:41 says, The truth of the matter is this: anyone who gives you a cup of cool water to drink because you carry the name of your Anointed One will be rewarded. If God notices and rewards such a simple act of compassion as the giving a cup of water to someone who is thirsty, then we can know that God notices our every expression of love and kindness.

Did you know that God really does care for you and about you? So much so that there’s never a time when you are not on His mind and in His heart. God wants you to know that He will never…no never…leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). That means He is with you…always! And that you are never alone…ever!

You matter to God, every minute of every day.

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