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My little bit

Pastor David Chandler (Faith in His Word Church)

"There’s a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish but what are they amongst so many?" John 6:9 There must be a daily attitude of thankfulness for every bit of progress in our spiritual lives. Every journey begins with the first step. God can multiply one seed into a crop. Become grateful for the progress you have made instead of the distance yet to go. When Jesus asked the disciples how much food they had for feeding the multitude, they responded with a description of the five loaves and two fishes. Then they asked Jesus “What are they among so many” Jesus' response was different. He took the loaves and fishes and blessed and multiplied them. The disciples looked at the size of the need. Jesus looked at the provision in His hand. We need to learn from Jesus’ example to bless what we have even if it looks small. Only by blessing what we have can it ever be multiplied. Your small amount of talent, teaching ability, or money can be much when you bless it and give it to the Lord. With one stick Moses delivered an entire generation. What can you do in your generation?

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