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Made in God’s Image

Esa Hukkinen

Black Lives Matter. It’s a ground up movement sweeping through the world, seeking to bring recognition and justice. Of course black lives matter. So do red, yellow and white ones. All lives matter. Your life matters. My life matters.

The Scriptures declare that all humans have been made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). All people, regardless of skin colour, nationality, social background, race and so on have dignity and value because of the inherent image of God in them. We are all valuable in God’s sight.

In fact, the same Scriptures that declare humanity to be made in the image of God, also declares that God loves all people and longs for all to come into a loving relationship with Himself through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This Jesus stated categorically, “Whoever comes to me, I will never drive away.” You and I can approach God through Jesus knowing with absolute certainty He will never push us back. He will never reject us. God promises to receive us graciously. So why not approach God and see what great love He has in store for you and what great plans he has for your life.

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