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Love One Another

Denis Lennox (Liberty Community Church)John 13:34-35

“Love one another,” Jesus commands. It’s possibly his most familiar utterance – perceived as a good man’s simple, innocuous, benign instruction. A tenable view?

Please reappraise its meticulously narrated setting in chapter 13, preferably through to chapter 20. Review its timing, Jesus’ love for his followers, his dramatic, humble service lesson, his realised, delegated, absolute authority as God’s ruler.

His betrayer graciously dismissed, Jesus reveals his own imminent exit, then declares, “A new commandment I give to you….” New? How so, given Moses’ Law command to love God and neighbour? Well, Jesus mandates:

1) A new moral standard – “just as I have loved you…”

2) And exemplifies and empowers a new order – driven by neither ideology nor power, but through rebirth by God, the Spirit of Jesus now resident within each.

The astounding degree of newness, Jesus reveals later (17:23,26): He loves his followers as he and Father God love each other! He joins them into this divine community of love!

So, Jesus’ “love one another” has unrivalled revolutionary impact for the world – social, political, spiritual, inaugurating a new creation. But world, can you identify Jesus followers by their mutual love?

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