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Life Requires You Must Choose Love or Fear

Roland Sondergeld (Retired Presbyterian Minister)

In the midst of this fear-provoking world will I live in the house of love that Jesus calls us to “Make your home in me, as I make mine in you” (John 15:4)? Or having become accustomed to living in fear I now have become deaf to the voice that says “Do not be afraid”?

Of course the question is raised “Why is there no reason to fear?” Jesus himself answers this question succinctly when he approaches his frightened disciples and says “It is I, don’t be afraid” (John 6:21)

Fear can make us upset and angry, depressed and despairing and thus surround us in darkness. Fear makes you a slave. It’s plain to see the differences of the darkness of our mind: “I think therefore I am” as compared to the mind of Christ “You are what you love”. As St Augustine said “You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until it rests in you”. It is best summed up in the words of 1 John 4:16-18 “God is Love.

Whoever lives in love, lives in God and God in him…there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…the one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

It’s a call to intimacy.

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