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Let’s have a Check-up!

Fr Hal Ranger (St Patrick’s Cathedral)

It makes good sense for every individual person – and for every team, group, community… to which we belong – to take some time, regularly, for a “check-up”.

Individuals take a break to unload some of the rubbish that has accumulated and to reset priorities and renew their energy. Families try to do the same. Sporting teams spend months re-setting their plans and re-fuelling their minds and bodies for the season ahead. Regularly states and nations call a halt on day to day business to consult their citizens through surveys and elections….

That sort of thing is just common sense and very necessary; the alternative is just fumbling along, running out of “gas”, losing direction.

All the great religious/spiritual movements past and present in human history set aside an extended period for this check-up and renewal every year.

Traditionally the Christian experience is called LENT. A 40 day period leading into Easter, for serious reflection, fasting (less food and “soft” living) and more generous sharing of time and money with the millions of people living in poverty.

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