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Know God Have Faith

Pastor Lyndall Chandler (CHURCH4350)

Many struggle with their faith. Trying to get the results the Bible promises through doing more, trying harder, performing better. I don’t believe the problem is their faith but rather a not really knowing the God of the Bible problem.

I’m convinced more would choose to have closer relationship with God if they knew Him as He really is…knew His loving kindness, His goodness and His relentless love. When you have a revelation that God loves ME, it empowers you to trust all the other truths…that He wants to protect you, provide and sustain you.

Ever asked God, Give me more passion for You! It’s not more passion you need for God but rather you need to know His incredible passion for YOU. Know His passion for you, know His heart for you, through the pages of Scripture. Know it for yourself and you’ll have confidence and faith in Him, His Word and the leading of His Spirit.

So don’t you think if we would focus more on God, the One we are to have faith in, faith will become a more natural response to us? We have to stop thinking so much of our failures and so little of the unfailing love of God. Because His strength and peace are multiplied to us through the knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:2). Know God have faith.

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