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Jesus Asks

Rev Linda Hamill (St Stephen's Uniting Church)

In the book of Mark, Jesus is on a journey to Jerusalem, ultimately, to death. The gospel writer Mark tells us of encounters people have with Jesus’ along the way.

Jesus asks him, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man asks for sight and is healed.

Jesus question in both stories is the same. The people Jesus speaks to come from completely different contexts. The blind man, a beggar, has low capacity to change his status. The disciples ask out of a position of perceived power, as somebodies following an amazing rabbi. Really, neither the blind man nor the disciples could see the kingdom of God.

The people in both encounters seemed not to understand the ramifications of their requests nor the actual situation they were in. They did not understand the gift of grace which they had been given. Do you? If not, please, visit a local church.

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