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It Changes Everything

Peter Findlay (Lifestream Church)

Something out of the ordinary was happening, something I couldn’t control. I felt depressed, deflated; and didn’t know why. I trolled through in my mind the possible causes of this unusual state. Eventually realizing, I was being over-run by a series of negative circumstances invading my previously ordered world. What do you do when everything around you seems like its falling apart? You turn to the only thing you know that’s rock solid, that never fails. I opened the Bible, turning to Psalm 27:13 “I would have fainted (lost heart) unless I had believed to see Gods goodness while I’m alive.” The effect was immediate and far reaching. I knew in that moment, no matter what happened around me, the God who gives me strength was 100% for me. I knew He had great plans for my life and would bring to pass the great things He was planning. Believing in Gods goodness changes everything. When you know God is fundamentally good, it becomes the filter, the lens through which all of life is viewed. You see everything differently, and it’s a great feeling. Believing is the first step to experiencing God. Knowing God is good, changes everything.

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