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Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Andrew Feaveai (Toowoomba Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church)

The worldwide upheaval of the COVID-19 virus has many people questioning could this be the end of the world? Jesus assures us in Matthew 24 that viruses and pestilences are only the beginning. In the context of Matthew 24 & 25 Jesus assures his disciples not to panic but to stay calm that God is in control. Jesus reminds his disciples the greatest action they can do is to Love your neighbor (Matthew 25:36). Good deeds will go a long way when people are fearful.

Was there ever a time in our world when Christians could live out the ‘light of the world’ words of Jesus? Darkness needs to be expelled from the lives of fear-gripped people. Much of community response to the virus is inward looking – could we not be outward looking and seek ways to bless others? Amid all the bad news in the headlines, the Good News of Jesus Christ is more relevant than ever. The virus of sin is deadly 100% mortality rate! But there is a cure. That’s the Good News! We still find it in Jesus.

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