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Higher level thinking

Peter Findlay (Lifestream Church)

Albert Einstein famously said “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we had when we created them.” Words that still ring true 65 years after Einstein’s passing. They shine a light on the fact that the chaotic world we live in will never be able to solve its own problems. We need God to save us. Einstein was onto something. His study of science led him to believe in the reality of God. Yet today, we seem to be losing that.

Could it be time to step outside our old thinking that says “I can solve my own problems” and look to the only One who can truly save me, Jesus the Son of God. He is the solution to human dysfunction and brokenness. Jesus is the only hope the world has.

Jesus said that the only way people can come to Him and receive His life is if they are drawn by God the Father. Do you sense that drawing in your heart today? He is calling you to a new level of life and a new level of thinking. Allow Him to be in charge of your life today.

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