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Greater Joy Drowns Worry

Rev. Andrew Nugteren - Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba

Do you know what it’s like to be awake at night and keep on trying to go to sleep? Does it work? Not really. It seems to me when you focus on trying to sleep or not worrying, you almost never succeed. The harder you try, the harder it is.

But if you have a greater focus to life - knowing God, receiving his love, serving him in the world - then the lesser things have a way of receding into the background. It’s not that they’ve disappeared altogether, they just aren’t the focus of life the way they once were. The worries are drowned out by something greater, a greater joy, a greater purpose.

Jesus tells us that God clothes the flowers of the field and the grass of the field. He feeds the birds daily. And if God cares for the least of his creation, he most certainly cares for you and me, who have been made in his image.

In a time where there is so much uncertainty, we can find a solid foundation in knowing God. He knows the future. He loves us. And gives us confidence to entrust the future to Him.

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