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Good News

Ps Lloyd Gill (Grace Community Church)

“I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” So the birth of Christ was announced.

I wanted a slot car racing set. I didn’t get it. I still hoped and anticipation grew. Christmas day when I opened that gift I was overwhelmed with joy.

Israel had anticipated the arrival of Christ for nearly 2000 years. They longed for this savior that would deliver them. This was a reason for great joy as the gift so long promised had now arrived.

God’s plan was bigger. He wanted to save the whole world so that He could again have relationship with us. The arrival of the Christ did not work out how many had anticipated, but it has completely changed the world, and indeed brings peace wherever the gospel goes.

The truth is that we all have a longing for the Christ, though we may not know it, we all desire a relationship with God. The announcement of the arrival of the one who would save the world is good news for you. God has made a way back to himself, this is the reason for great joy.

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