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God Is In The Waiting

Pastor Murray Holmes

Have you ever been placed ‘on hold’ whilst making a phone call? That hypnotic music playing in the background as you wonder how long you will be kept waiting this time.

Perhaps your frustration occurs when you order Uber Eats and you watch the App, waiting as the Uber driver cruises around in circles with your chicken burger getting cold, trying to locate your home.

Waiting… In a world where we gather information at the click of a button, nobody likes to wait. Particularly when we don’t know how the future might play out.

When I consider the most agonising wait of all, I am reminded of disciples that first Easter. Jesus had been captured, brutally bashed and crucified on the Friday and the disciples' hopes and dreams appeared crushed with His death. Jesus was their hope, and it appeared gone, forever.

Hidden away on the Saturday they fearfully waited, unsure what the future held. Then Sunday came and they discovered that stone had been rolled away. Jesus was resurrected. Jesus was alive and hope was restored.

What are you waiting for right now?

Jesus is the hope of the world. With your faith and hope in Him, the waiting, the trial you are enduring will be worth it. God’s promise is that He is with us in the waiting and He will bring us through the trial to the other side.

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