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God as a community builder.

Ian Shelton (Toowoomba City Church)

One of the Psalms (147) says, “The Lord builds up Jerusalem;”

The city had been destroyed and now the Lord was calling His people to rebuild it, not just in the physical sense of building, but more importantly to rebuild the city as a caring community.

The Psalm goes on to say that the Lord builds the city by gathering the outcast, healing the broken hearted and supporting the afflicted. It continues with the idea of the city as a secure and flourishing community because of God's city building activity through His people.

According to Brian Simmons the author of the Passion Translation, God gives His people the ability to create community. (Gen 12:2).

The church exists in Toowoomba, and everywhere, not just to build itself up, but to also work under God to build and create a spiritually, socially and economically flourishing city for all.

This is the gospel or good news that Jesus brought to His home town in Luke 4:18-19. His love and care for all would reset what community life could look like.

I pray that Christians in Toowoomba would follow Jesus by continually looking for ways to work together to create a better community for all.

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