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God: Always Available

Pastor David Chandler (Church 4350)

A young family was moving to a new house. On moving day Joe announced that an important meeting had been called at his new job and he would be unable to help. Consequently Jean had to handle the move by herself.

After the moving van came and left, Jean found herself standing in the living room surrounded by boxes to be unpacked, appliances to be hooked up, a screaming baby and a 5 year old who decided to throw a metal toy through a picture window. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but jagged glass was everywhere and a gale-force wind blew through the house. Jean felt she had to call Joe.

Joe’s secretary informed her that he was in a meeting and couldn’t be disturbed. “May I take a message?” she asked “No that’s OK” Jean said, knowing Joe was notoriously lax about returning her calls. “Wait” Jean said “Tell him, the insurance will cover everything”. The instant Joe got the message, he called home.

It’s wonderful to know God’s forgiving love restores us, just as insurance restores the broken window. God never says “I can’t be disturbed” when we call Him. May we treat our families with the same spirit.

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