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Forgotten People

Peter Findlay (Lifestream Church)

Ruth was down on her luck. Some said her luck had run out. She’d married into a migrant family, drawn in by their culture and religion. They seemed so secure in relationship to a God who they said “loved them”. But now, her husband of only a few years had died, and her mother-in-law was moving back to her home country. What now?

Ruth knew the God of her adoptive family was real. She’d seen them face the worst times with unshakeable faith and she wanted what they had. Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law objected. “Stay here, in your own country, with your own people.” But Ruth had seen too much. In a few days they were back in Naomi’s home town.

Before long, Ruth found herself working on the farm of a wealthy relative of Naomi, and shortly after that, she married the farmer; eventually becoming the grandmother of the legendary King David of the Bible. There’s no co-incidence here. The book of Ruth shows how this widowed impoverished, woman considered an outsider, became a central part of God’s story.

And your life can change dramatically as well. Let Him take your story, and make something beautiful from it.

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