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Finding a Lost Sheep

Pastor Peter Findlay (Lifestream Church)

I'm indebted to a young man who’s life story helped me understand the grace of God. Harley, (not his real name), left home early, went to uni. and was living a life like many today. Harley is not from a Christian background. God was not anywhere in his frame of view. He wasn't on a ‘journey toward God’, wasn't searching for God or answers in life. But the Good Shepherd is always out looking for his sheep.

Like the Bible story of a shepherd who left all, to find and rescue a lost sheep, one day in a far-flung corner of a paddock, Jesus found Harley. The shepherd lifted him up on his shoulder and carried him safely home.

For Harley, it was easy to embrace the fact - God’s love and mercy toward him had reached out to rescue him. It was all God’s doing and none of Harleys.

Perhaps that's your story. Or perhaps like me, you grew up in a religious world where keeping rules was the main game if you were to be accepted by God. Either way, the shepherd, Jesus is still out looking for his sheep. Let yourself be found by Him today.

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