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Pastor Dirk Willner - Living Grace Church

In ancient days, the change of seasons and times of harvesting were marked by festivals. Some churches still have a kind of harvest thanksgiving included in their worship services. The Old Testament records that the religious festivals were set up by God to mark not only seasons for the harvest, but also to point us towards ‘God appointments’ to fulfil prophecies and promises.

We have come to know about the Easter festivals that marked the fulfilment of God’s activity to establish Christ as Saviour. That was followed up by the Pentecost festival season that marked God's release of His Holy Spirit to flow in the lives of those who would believe in Christ as Saviour. The last set of festivals are not that well known. They are still being celebrated by Jewish communities in expectation of their fulfilment. They typically fall around this time of the year. The point of all of this can be understood in terms of God investing into our life. That takes time and requires patience to be ready for an abundant harvest of His grace and provision. The verse that comes to mind is “Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.” (Isaiah 40:31)

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