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Feeling Ordinary?

Steve Christian (Church of Christ Toowoomba North)

For most of us, we’re just ordinary people living ordinary lives. Our names will never be in the news, and we won’t have monuments built in our honour. But a life lived with faith in Jesus is never ordinary. In Hebrews 11 we read of many who walked the path of obscurity and didn't receive the reward that was promised to them in this life. Yet, God used their lives in ways that went beyond their lack of notoriety. These people of faith came to understand that God loved them; He called them; they believed in Him; they put their trust in Him; taking Him at His word and were living by His promises, through to death. As a result, God was not ashamed to be known as their God. He is happy to be known as the God of those who stumble and fall; who aren’t perfect, but do put their trust in Him. If you feel discouraged about the seemingly ordinary state of your life, remember that a life lived by faith in God has an impact throughout eternity. Even if we’re ordinary, we can have an extraordinary faith that has a lasting impact in other people’s lives

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