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Easter People

Father Hal Ranger (St Pat’s Cathedral)

For Christian people, however deeply or slightly they believe, Jesus is the Person who reveals who God is, what God is like. Every word Jesus speaks, every thing he does, and the circumstances within which He speaks and acts, tell us the TRUTH about God.

The events we remembered, and, for many of us, we re-lived earlier this month have reminded us that compassion is at the heart of God. In Jesus, God identifies with the suffering that is so much a part of many lives. He is literally stripped naked, ridiculed, shamed, physically nailed to a cross, betrayed, abandoned. God is with us in all our Suffering. Never are we alone!

There’s that second powerful message: Death and Suffering entered into out of love and in service of others give way to life, new life without an ending, not just the absence of suffering but the fullness of LIVING forever!

And thirdly, our God offers us the gift of God’s own Spirit! We are not only receivers of God’s love and mercy, but we’re empowered to bring life, mercy, compassion, hope to our world!

Embrace the wonderful gifts and responsibilities of being Easter people.

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