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Caring for others

Brian Henman (Wilsonton Uniting Church)

If someone had told me five years ago that in a few year’s time people would be wearing face masks while mixing with others I might have had a questioning smile, but it is now a reality. We face an unexpected pandemic and we are told that the only way to be safe is to work together and follow the guidance of health professionals whose message is to practice social distancing, washing or sanitizing hands etc.

It is good to see the positive response from almost all people. Following instructions is an act of caring for others and for ourselves. And this is the attitude and way of life which people who follow Jesus seek to adopt. I find myself regularly considering the instructions of Jesus to love God first and foremost and to love our fellow humans including enemies, as we love and care for ourselves. Caring for others, not just in times of difficulty and crisis, but always, whether in the home, workshop, office, farm or the traffic jam. Christians are not the only ones who care deeply for others and seek no reward. Together all are called upon to be united in living and acting thoughtfully and responsibly as we respond to the challenge of Covid 19.

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