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Be a Blessing

Pastor Dirk Willner (Living Grace Church)

In times of drought, we pray for rain. In times of flooding rain, we hope for some sunshine. In times of need and want, we look to others for help. Community means that we are there for each other - in one way or another as it can be managed and arranged.

The recent Mayoral Prayer Breakfast function raised support funding and awareness for the winter shelter project. This project aims to provide in some small way for those who are homeless. Do we have eyes to see the needs in our own areas? I was reminded by a comment Jesus made when he tried to explain things: ‘they have eyes to see, but they don’t see’ (Matthew 13:13-15, in reference to a prophetic comment made by Isaiah 6:9-10). It is a call to maturity when asked to see beyond our personal needs and to consider others. But that is how community functions at its best. Maybe today is such an opportunity for us all to be part of something that will make a difference to someone else. Be blessed, to be a blessing.

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