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A recent word from Pope Francis:

Father Hal Ranger (St Patrick’s Cathedral)

We are all worried about the social consequences of the pandemic. All of us. Many people want to return to normality and resume economic activities. Certainly, but this “normality” should not include social injustices and the degradation of the environment. The pandemic is a crisis, and we do not emerge from a crisis the same as before: either we come out of it better, or we come out of it worse. We must come out of it better, to counter social injustice and environmental damage. The ethical-social need that arises from God’s love, inspires us to conceive of and design an economy where people, and especially the poorest, are at the centre.

It would be sad if, in regard to the vaccine for Covid-19, priority were to be given to the richest! It would be sad if this vaccine were to become the property of this nation or another, rather than available for all. And what a scandal it would be if all the economic assistance we are receiving – most of it with public money – were to focus on rescuing only the already well off.

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