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A Quiet Easter

"Father Hal Ranger (St Patrick’s Cathedral)"

No scope for public Easter celebrations, religious or civil this year!

But we do have a rare opportunity to explore quietly and deeply the meaning of the Dying and Rising of Jesus – an important event in itself and a critical ongoing experience to be shared by all of us. * Death is not the end! * Injustice and violence, abuse and bullying will not prevail! * Unselfish, faithful, all-inclusive LOVING is THE WAY!

Suffering and death are very real but not unconquerable: in death life is changed not ended; and giving freely and generously of oneself, ultimately giving our lives for others is the purpose behind all living. The resurrection and ongoing life of Jesus is not an isolated miracle of the past that confirms that he is God: it is for us our everyday mission in life.

We are in the midst of a world-wide experience of illness, fear, dying, making changes and sacrifices daily … all of these disturbing what we’ve been taking for granted. History has rarely provided such a reminder of how intimately we are all connected: we can, tragically INFECT and BE INFECTED by one another!

I want to suggest that this can be a moment of CONVERSION for the whole world.

We are intimately connected, we do need each other – rich and poor, sick and healthy, old and young – as agents of hope and love, focusing on the things that really matter.

Let’s be united, praying for guidance and with courage and generosity embracing a new way of living together as sisters and brothers across all of creation.

God is not to be found in the “dog eat dog” world of “the economy” but in a generous sensitive sharing of the particular gifts God has given us, emptying ourselves for one another.

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